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G7 summit news

Visit RT to read the news about the G7 summit. Don’t miss the updates on the G7 summit. Find all the news about President Donald Trump cancelation of the in-person G7 summit scheduled for Camp David in June amid coronavirus and the decision to hold a video conference instead. Check out RT for the latest on G7 countries cooperation and fight against the pandemic. Turn to RT for the updates on G7 leaders’ statements after the emergency video summit. Don’t miss the latest on the G7 world leaders call for the medical firms’ cooperation in the research for the coronavirus vaccine. Get all the news about the leaders of the G7 like Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau. Visit RT for the latest on the possibility of the return of Russia to the G7 summit. Read experts’ and analysts’ opinions on the G7 summit news on RT, as well as the political situation in the world in general.