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Bashar al Assad news

Visit RT to see Bashar al Assad news. Look for the latest updates on Bashar al Assad, including politics, economy and more. Find all Bashar al Assad news in spheres such as war, diplomacy and mass media. Tune in to RT to find the latest news on Syria’s relations with Turkey, including the Idlib crisis and condemnation of military operations. Stay tuned for the stories on mass media coverage of Syria and Bashar al Assad government, including rejection of interview publishing and silence on OPCW whistleblowers. Check out RT for the news on Syria’s relation with the other Middle Eastern countries, including Israeli air strikes and cooperation with Iran. Look for the latest Bashar al Assad news on Syria’s civil war, including White Helmets’ actions and chemical attack controversies. See the stories on Syria-Russia relations in spheres such as cultural and military cooperation. Find the news on relations with the West, including Bashar al Assad condemning troops deployment, sanctions and support for anti-government forces.