Olympics over for drunken South Korean sailing coach

Olympics over for drunken South Korean sailing coach
The South Korea Sailing Federation have sent coach Lee Jae-cheol back home from the London Games after he was stopped by UK police for drunk driving

­According to AP, Lee got loaded at a banquet hosted by the mayor of the coastal resort of Weymouth, which will host the sailing events for the Olympics.    

The coach tried to sleep in order to sober up at the federation's headquarters, but his attempts were in vain.

At 5 am on Thursday, he was pulled over by traffic police while returning to the athletes’ village alone behind the wheel of his car.

The South Koreans have already delivered apologies on Lee's behalf.

According to the Kim Joon-nyun, the secretary general of the country’s sailing federation, the coach was fined £250 and is now "on his way home."

Four sailors in three classes are representing the South Korean team at the Olympics.