Moscow region attracts country’s best stunt riders

Motorsport enthusiasts have been flocking to the Moscow region this week to show off their rides at the Japan Car Fest. Adrenalin-packed stunts on two-wheels were just part of the action wowing the crowd.

A full array of Japanese motorsport technology was on display and in action in the Moscow region sporting resort of Sorochany. The custom-built turbo-charged drift monsters were sharing the stage with their older and less powerful steel compatriots.

Any car was a go for the fest, as long as it was manufactured in Japan. The organizers steered in a new direction this year by allowing bikes to take center stage and roam free on the second and final day of the event.

There was plenty at stake for the riders on so-called Moto Day with the showcase doubling as a stage of the Moscow Stunt Riding Cup.

Watch the video to check out the show!