Russia picks up a golf club

Golf-fever has gripped Russia as professionals and amateurs alike come in flocks for a two-day golfing spectacular in the capital.

The Moscow Golf and Luxury Property Show will host some 5,000 guests and the best the country has to offer in this elite sport.

Even though most golf courses in Russia are under a blanket of snow for as much as 6 months of the year, golf is still gaining unprecedented popularity in the country.

Unfortunately, the lack of golf facilities at home forces Russian golf-lovers to search for better playing conditions outside the country.

“Tremendous numbers of Russians are travelling to Turkey, to Spain, and to warm places where they can play golf all year,” director of Moscow Golf Show Kim Waddoup told RT. “Many Russian golfers want to play, but there’s a lot of snow, and winters are very cold, so players want a warm and nice place where they could play the rest of the year.”

However, if the golf industry is not blooming in Russia, it certainly is starting to develop. In Moscow, there are already three summer courses around the city, with another one opening up this summer.

“Golf centres are developing; courses are taking their time in becoming popular, golf is coming into everyday use in Russia,” Waddoup said.