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Emelianenko Jr. tops Gluhov en route to Monson clash (VIDEO)

Russian mixed martial artist, Aleksandr Emelianenko, has beaten Latvia’s Konstantin Gluhov by a unanimous decision in the main event of the M-1 Challenge 34 in Moscow.
­Gluhov avoided all of his opponent’s attempts to finish the bout by a submission hold, but was still defeated. With elder brother Fedor at ringside, Emelianenko remained in control for the whole three rounds, leaving no doubts about the judges’ ruling. After the match, the Latvian fighter had heavy bruises on his face, which prevented him from seeing with his right eye. It was his 21st career win for Emelianenko Jr., who’s now unbeaten in five meetings in a row. And the 31-year-old is already thinking about his next bout against legendary American, Jeff Monson. "I think there’ll be enough time to prepare, although I had to work hard today,” Emelianenko told RIA-Novosti. “After the Gluhov fight I’ll have a few days of rest and then start preparing for the November bout. Fedor, of course, will be helping me, because he knows Jeff Monson’s tactics and weaknesses – and not from video, but from combat. So, I’ll strictly follow all his instructions.” The fight, scheduled to take place on November 15 in Saint Petersburg, will be Monson’s fourth appearance in Russia. He has already defeated Denis Komkin and Aleksey Oleinik this year, but lost to Fedor Emelianenko back in 2011, coming out of a fight with a broken leg.