Efimova wins 100-meter backstroke in Budapest

Efimova wins 100-meter backstroke in Budapest
Yuliya Efimova has taken Russia’s seventh gold at the 2010 European Aquatics Championships in Budapest, after setting the tournament record in the 100-meter backstroke.

She took the lead at the turn and never let any of her opponents shorten the gap, showing the result of 1m 6.32s.

The silver medal was split by the Scandinavian duo of Rikke Møller Pedersen from Denmark and Sweden’s Jennie Johansson, with both ladies needing 1m 9.36s to complete the distance.

Nikita Lobintsev finished behind men’s 200-meter freestyle winner Paul Biedermann of Germany to grab Russia’s second medal on Wednesday.

Team Russia hold an unassailable lead in the medal count in Budapest, having won 12 (seven gold, one silver and three bronze medals). Second placed France have two medals fewer, but only three of them are gold.