Chessed: Players’ dress kept in check

Chessed: Players’ dress kept in check
The European Chess Union (ECU) has astonished chess players by introducing a new dress code, including some strict policies on cleavage exposure.

The decision was voiced at the European Women's Individual Chess Championship, currently taking place in Turkey.

From now on only two buttons may be opened on women's dress shirts, while skirts should be spaced not more than 10 centimeters up from the knee. High heels are in, flip-flops are out. As for headwear, it can only be allowed in case of religious necessity.

According to the ECU General Secretary Sava Stoisavljevic the new regulations came about because spectators were making comments on female competitors' outfits, and not due to complaints from distracted male players who faltered in their game while seated across a female opponent dressed “like she is going to the beach”.

The wide-ranging rules were brought in to restore a sense of decorum to the game, stressed Stoisavljevic.

Some female players may find the sanctions very strict, as according to the rules, “a player not dressed according to the code can be refused attendance at the opening or closing ceremony."