Doping scandal forces Armstrong to quit Livestrong cancer charity

Lance Armstrong (AFP Photo / Joel Saget)
It's been another 24 hours to forget for Lance Armstrong as the fallout from the US Anti-Doping Agency’s accusations of drug abuse continue.

­The former cyclist has stepped down as the chairman of the Livestrong cancer charity. He formed the foundation following his own successful battle with cancer, but leaves the post "to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of the controversy surrounding my cycling career".

Not only that but manufacturer Nike announced they would sever ties with the athlete, saying there is insurmountable evidence he mislead the company for a decade.

Meanwhile, Betsy Andreu, whose husband Frankie rode with Armstrong in the US Postal team, says they became victims of his smear campaign after testifying against him. Both were among the dozens who offered up information to USADA earlier this year.

"When we refused to lie for Lance that set the ball in motion. We were fair game for him to start his smear campaign and his campaign of destruction and carnage," she told AP on Wednesday.

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