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17 Oct, 2022 20:15

Jill Biden booed by crowd in Joe Biden’s home state (VIDEOS)

Philadelphia football fans loudly and explicitly told the first lady what they think of her husband
Jill Biden booed by crowd in Joe Biden’s home state (VIDEOS)

UPDATE: The first video in this article has now been proven to be doctored by an unknown user. The original clip of the First Lady singing “Fly, Eagles, Fly!” along with a group of cancer survivors was shared by the NFL on Twitter and no booing or political chants could be heard in the original audio.

First Lady Jill Biden was greeted by thousands of football fans chanting “f**k Joe Biden” when she appeared at a Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday night. The jeering drowned out her attempts to sing along with the team’s fight song.

Mrs. Biden was made honorary captain of the Eagles for their matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, taking part in the pregame coin toss and singing the team’s song – ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ – alongside a group of cancer patients and survivors.

However, the lyrics were drowned out by a torrent of boos and jeers. As Biden continued to sing, groups of fans chanted “f**k Joe Biden,” with some opting for the family-friendly alternative, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Gangs of sports fans began chanting “f**k Joe Biden” at games last summer, with “Let’s go Brandon” stemming from a now-infamous video of an NBC News reporter claiming to mishear the vulgar chorus while interviewing NASCAR winner Brandon Brown at a race in Florida.

The phrase spawned songs, protest signs, and t-shirts, and was uttered by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who dubbed Biden’s administration “the Brandon administration.” Biden himself acknowledged the phenomenon at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April, joking that “some guy named Brandon” was “having a really good year.”

Philadelphia Eagles fans have a reputation for rowdiness, and have been known to pelt rival teams, former players, and even Santa Claus with projectiles. President Biden referred to them last year as the “most obnoxious fans in the world.” 

A Pennsylvania native, Joe Biden won the Keystone State by 50% of the vote to Donald Trump’s 48.8%, and took Philadelphia County by 81% to 18%. Trump has accused Biden of winning by fraud, alleging that there were more votes than voters in the state.