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10 Oct, 2022 13:58

Tyson Fury father ‘insures testicles for $11 million’

John Fury said he has ‘world champion nuts in these trousers’
Tyson Fury father ‘insures testicles for $11 million’

John Fury, the outspoken father of WBC heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury, claims he has insured his testicles for $11 million. 

The former bareknuckle fighter has bred three sons who are professional fighters, with Tommy and Roman taking up boxing alongside Tyson.

Despite being 58, John Fury believes that he may produce more fighters and claimed that he has “insured my nuts for £10 million ($11.05 million).” 

“Believe me there is good stuff that comes out of them,” John Fury claimed to freebets.com

“I've got world champion nuts in these trousers, breed some kings I do. There are only champions coming out of these nuts – it's been proven, hasn't it?”

John Fury said he took out the insurance policy after Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder via a stunning seventh-round TKO in a 2020 rematch. 

As explained on the Behind the Gloves YouTube show, Tyson Fury believes his dad has been wise in doing so.

“He insured them because that sperm produced the heavyweight champion of the world and it's very valuable,” the 34-year-old said.

“So, if anything happens to him, even at his age, he could still extract a few champions out of those, so we'll see.

“Imagine this guy puts a load of swimmers in test tubes and freezes them and sells them, this is the proper half-brother of 'The Gypsy King' Tyson Fury the heavyweight champion of the world, this potentially could be our next champion, so it's worth a fortune,” Fury suggested.

“See me, I've become heavyweight champion, but I've never produced a heavyweight champion.”

John Fury has 18 grandchildren with another on the way after Tommy announced that he and his partner are expecting their first child.

Given the Fury family’s fighting history, a significant number of John Fury’s grandchildren could pick up gloves. Whether they do or not, however, John Fury already has gushing pride in his sons and their offspring.

“Words cannot express how proud of Tyson and Tommy and all my family I am. I feel like I'm a world champ sometimes,” the Fury patriarch said.

After negotiations for a Battle of Britain clash with Anthony Joshua fell through, Tyson Fury is currently searching for an opponent and claims to have a venue booked for a November 26 or December 3 clash.

Attending his brother Roman’s debut fight in Doncaster on Saturday, he claimed that he has given up hope of the Joshua fight ever materializing.

“I've tried to make this fight for about four years and there's always been something stopping it,” he said to Seconds Out

“If they're not gonna fight, they're not gonna fight, I'm not gonna waste any more time.”

Considering his past mental health struggles, Fury also stated that he thinks we will need “mental help to let go of boxing” when the time comes to retire.

“I'm boxing because I feel I need to box to keep me sane. I want to be out of boxing. I can't let it go.

“It scares me to think, ‘How long will I have to keep doing this?’” he confessed.