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1 Oct, 2022 17:57

Tyson Fury’s father reveals reason for son’s return to boxing

John Fury said that Tyson felt his life ‘crumbling’ when he retired from the sweet science
Tyson Fury’s father reveals reason for son’s return to boxing

Tyson Fury’s father John Fury has revealed the negative impact that retirement from boxing had on the WBC heavyweight champion.

Fury has hung his gloves up twice since knocking out British rival Dillian Whyte in April, but is currently trying to arrange a showdown with crestfallen Anthony Joshua slated for either November 26 or December 3.

The Mancunian announced his most recent return to the sweet science on the August evening that Aleksandr Usyk beat Joshua for a second time and defended his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles.

According to John Fury, however, it is not just a desire to face the Ukrainian one day in a mega fight that would crown the four-belt era’s first ever undisputed heavyweight champion that pushed the ‘Gypsy King’ to lace up his gloves again.

“Tyson has been in and out of retirement since he turned pro. Aged 15, years ago,” John Fury explained to the Daily Mail.

“He will fall out with boxing for a week and then he loves it again. He loves boxing. Tyson has got nothing else without boxing. He loves the game so much,” John Fury added.

“He said to me, ‘I was retired for four weeks and my life has fallen to pieces. I can feel my life crumbling’. He said ‘my life was crumbling by the second’.”

“He said he kept walking into the gym and smelling the gloves. Smelling the sweat and looking through the window thinking I want to get back in the game.

“He said he realized he was not done yet and not by a long chalk. So I said to him, ‘Son if you feel like that, keep going until you don't feel like it anymore’.”

The elder Fury claimed that his son is in top shape and that fans are witnessing the 34-year-old at his boxing peak.

“At the minute, you've got the best Tyson. He's in the pump of his life. I think he just wanted to capitalize on how he feels,” John Fury said.

“He trains hard, twice a day still. I do think at this moment in time, Tyson Fury is unbeatable. 

“I'm not just saying it because he is my son, but he has given me the right to sit here and big him up.”

“He's won everything. He's won every professional title there is to win. He's cleaned up all over the board. You will be seeing a lot more of Tyson,” he vowed.