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15 Mar, 2022 10:00

Figure skating sensation Trusova unrepentant over Olympic tantrum

The Winter Olympics silver medalist has no regrets over her fiercely emotional reaction following the dramatic end to the singles competition
Figure skating sensation Trusova unrepentant over Olympic tantrum

Russian figure skating sensation Alexandra Trusova has said she would repeat her furious reaction to winning silver in the singles competition at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 if she found herself in the same position again.

While much of the intense attention was on pre-Olympics favorite Kamila Valieva's closing performance at the Games, Trusova also earned headlines after she provided a blistering display of rage immediately after the final round of her performance.

Despite becoming the first woman to land a quad flip and first to record a quad Lutz at the Olympics, the 17-year-old loudly threatened to retire and voiced her disdain for the sport.

The two-time World Junior champion later explained that her explosive response was a sign of sporting frustration and denied that her relationship with heavily-scrutinized coach Eteri Tutberidze had been damaged.

“I would have done everything in exactly the same way,” Trusova told Match TV, adding that Tutberidze had not tried to influence her over a triple axel which some suggested may have been the cause of any tension she felt.

"The atmosphere at the Olympics is different from all other competitions. The atmosphere is good; everyone is very supportive.

"Of course, I made the decision about five quads. Even before the free program, I was offered to remove the salchow and leave four [quads in].

"But no-one really argued with me. I went for this, I wanted to do it at the Olympics – I was preparing for this."

Trusova came first in the free program but finished second behind teammate Anna Shcherbakova, who is the same age as her.

The Olympic debutant had to contend with heavy media attention because of the doping case surrounding Valieva, who starred in the Russian Olympic Committee's (ROC) team event triumph.

Valieva tested positive for a non-performance enhancing heart drug at an event in December, with the results only emerging a day after the ROC won team gold.

No medal ceremony took place and the ROC's victory in the event is yet to be confirmed, although Valieva was allowed to continue to skate following a Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing.

The 15-year-old produced an understandably below-par performance to finish fourth in the singles competition.

Asked if she would repeat her reaction in the circumstances, Trusova replied: "Yes."

Russians have been indefinitely barred from international events by the International Skating Union as a consequence of the attack on Ukraine, and Trusova revealed she has made no plans for next season.

"Not yet," she said when she was asked about the new campaign, which will begin in July. "I want to finish the season, relax, go somewhere if possible, then we'll see."

The bronze medalist at the European Championships clearly has plenty of support to count upon.

Trusova has more followers than Shcherbakova and Valieva on Telegram, where she has also eclipsed the likes of tennis star Daniil Medvedev and former figure skating world champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

High-profile athletes have increasingly focused on the platform while Instagram is inaccessible in Russia.