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25 Nov, 2021 14:37

‘I’d never be with a man for money’ – football agent Wanda Icardi opens up

‘I’d never be with a man for money’ – football agent Wanda Icardi opens up

Instagram influencer Wanda Nara has shed light on her husband and PSG striker Mauro Icardi's alleged affair with an Argentine actress, which temporarily caused the married couple to separate.

The mother-of-five, who was previously wed to Icadri's former Sampdoria teammate Maxi Lopez, made an appearance on the Telefe channel in her homeland and spoke to famous compatriot journalist Susana Gimenez from the Shangri-La hotel in Paris.

The whole drama with Icardi that has filled news outlets for the past five weeks was sparked when Wanda took to Instagram and wrote: "Another family you ruined for a b*tch".

"The first thing that came to mind was anger and anger, so I put the story [up]," Wanda explained, on the program that was broadcast in Argentina on Wednesday evening.

"I called her and apologized for the story with that inelegant word," she added, as per the outburst aimed at the actress Eugenia 'La China' Suarez.

"We were in a field with the girls on horseback. A girl who organizes parties asked me for a photo. I knew there was some on Mauro's phone, and when I looked, I saw screenshots of a conversation with a very famous woman that everyone already knows," she revealed, of how she came to learn of Icardi's contact with the pin-up.

"I was not a friend of China Suarez's," Wanda clarified.

"I had a cordial relationship [with her] and from what I saw my anger perhaps had a macho look, [as] I blamed the woman. But later I saw that I had nothing [against] her," she admitted.

As per the content of the messages, Wanda explained that she never had an open relationship before and that even a "little message" with someone outside the marriage spells the divorce she originally sought. 

Furthermore, she has insisted that she "would never be with a man for money".

"The messages said things that a woman with the values ​ I have [would] never [have] written," she claimed.

"They said many things. I had already seen other things about Mauro and they told a supposed story in Ibiza, but nothing could be further from the truth.

"We had never had a problem of this kind with [another] woman. I can swear it on our five children. And when this happened I overheated, I put that message on Instagram, I took the first flight and went home to Italy," Wanda confessed.

"Mauro told me that he met China in Paris. He told me that nothing happened, but for me anything could have happened," Wanda said.

"I think he went and realized he was wrong. Anything could have happened, but it didn't."

Explaining that her husband is "sorry", he allegedly told her things that "she never would have found out" and later made an appearance on the show with Gimenez himself.

Wanda, who is Icardi's agent, confirmed reports that he had threatened to retire from football if they divorced. 

"You have to see if he would have done it, these are things you say...," she added.

According to MARCA, this stance has not impressed his Ligue 1 employers, where he is now "highly unlikely to remain a PSG player for much longer".