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6 Nov, 2021 16:18

Maxi-mum drama: Wanda Nara deals Lo blow to ex Mauro Icardi by posting family photo with former teammate she left for PSG star

Maxi-mum drama: Wanda Nara deals Lo blow to ex Mauro Icardi by posting family photo with former teammate she left for PSG star

Instagram influencer Wanda Nara has dealt a low blow to her allegedly cheating ex-partner Mauro Icardi, after posting an old family photo of herself with former husband Maxi Lopez and their three sons.

Wanda's separation saga began in October after PSG star Icardi was accused of betraying her with Argentinean actress La China Suarez.

Initially posting a cryptic message that said someone had "ruined another family for a sl*t", she also deleted all their photos together on social media.

After Icardi unfollowed everyone on Instagram and made a series of groveling posts, she took him back only for them to split indefinitely this week.

That is reportedly due to Wanda discovering that Icardi and Suarez didn't just exchange flirty messages, but also met up in person. It is also alleged that Suarez sent racy messages containing sexual content to him and at least four other stars of the Argentina national football team.

"Wanda Nara is separated, I spoke to her [on Wednesday] morning," said presenter Yanina Latorre on the Los Angeles de la Manana gossip program in their homeland.

"The phrase she said to me was: 'I'm alone, I want to be well.'

"Wanda is angry because everything was fine, but then she got the email [revealing that Icardi lied and did meet China Suarez in person]."

"I don't want to know anything more about it," Wanda Nara reportedly added to Latorre.

Upon the discovery of the little she already knows, Wanda is said to have flown to Milan, where she lived from 2014 to 2020, and is still in the Italian fashion capital for business purposes.

Lopez is said to have been caring for her five children amid the wreckage, with Wanda "extremely grateful" to him, according to Marca.

And while Icardi has completely taken his account off Instagram, Wanda has been accused of "romanticizing" about the past after publishing an old photo of her, Lopez and their three sons Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto.

After all, Wanda left Lopez for his ex-Sampdoria teammate, Icardi, in 2013.

The Icardis married the following year, then had daughters Francesca and Isabella in 2015 and 2016, with Wanda acting as the former Inter Milan captain's agent.

With Lopez proposing to Swedish girlfriend Daniela Christiansson in May, the ultimate reconciliation seems unlikely.

Wanda recently won control of a $2 million Buenos Aires mansion as part of an agreement with Lopez.

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