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16 Oct, 2021 14:52

WATCH: Woman goes viral for casually enjoying drink as wild brawl unfolds around her at Seattle-Nashville hockey game

WATCH: Woman goes viral for casually enjoying drink as wild brawl unfolds around her at Seattle-Nashville hockey game

Hockey fans had a night they'll never forget during the Seattle Kraken's second-ever match in the NHL, as their brawling in the stands went viral while a woman casually enjoyed her drink with fighting in her lap.

The Kraken kicked off life in hockey's top championship with a 4-3 defeat against the Vegas Golden Knights last weekend.

Again on the road, this time in Nashville, they notched their maiden win by the same scoreline against the Predators at the Bridgestone Arena.

Yet what was a night to remember for many almost 2,500 miles away back in the Emerald City was one to forget for some of those in attendance on Thursday night.

As the action unfolded on the rink, there were violent clashes between fans of both outfits who exchanged a series of blows.

Two separate eyewitnesses uploaded videos, with one clip seen close to 800,000 times as one Kraken fan beat up someone wearing a Predators sweatshirt. 

This caused Predators fans to rush to his defense, and one woman caught many people's attention for casually talking to her friend and continuing to consume her beverage as a part of the brawl took place in her lap.

"Hockey fans are built different," was one conclusion from that. 

As reported by TMZ Sports, a number of the fight's participants were questioned, yet no arrests were made with neither party choosing to press charges.

"How the hell is a Kraken fan fighting, they’re only two games into their existence? You can’t be that worked over a franchise with a two-game history," someone on Twitter scoffed while reacting online.

Others made more specific critiques, however.

"Corona shirt guy with the surgical strikes. Concluded that pretty quickly with a couple of dingers to dude’s noggin," it was highlighted.

"Pretty easy when you have NOTHING to do with the fight and come in throwing cheap shots," came a reply to that observation. 

"Dude in the hite Jersey took shots from about five different people."

"Some legit shots and kept fighting. Winner-WHITE JERSEY!!!!!" quipped a separate party.