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16 Oct, 2021 14:01

Calls for wrestling icon Flair to be canceled (again) after he’s named as host for Trump-held fundraiser

Calls for wrestling icon Flair to be canceled (again) after he’s named as host for Trump-held fundraiser

Social media users have reacted after it was reported that scandal-hit wrestling legend Ric Flair will act as an honorary host at a fundraiser held by former US President Donald Trump in December.

The event will be held in Palm Beach, Florida, at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort.

Also hosted by World Series champion and ex-MLB pitcher Tom Glavine, plus Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Doug Flutie, it aims to raise funds for retired football player Herschel Walker's Senate campaign.

Running on a Republican ticket, Walker hopes to do battle with current Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2022 election.  

Walker's bid has already met controversy this week after he had to cancel a separate fundraiser hosted by an individual whose Twitter profile featured a Swastika image used to voice opposition to Covid vaccine mandates.

And as of late, Flair is no stranger to scandal himself either.

After the airing of a 'Dark Side of the Ring' episode retold the 'Plane Ride From Hell' controversy where Flair allegedly forced female flight attendant Heidi Doyle to touch his penis on the way back from a European Tour with the WWE, he has faced calls to be canceled while losing sponsors such as CarShield. 

Also on rt.com ‘He wanted me to touch it’: Outrage as ‘well-endowed’ WWE icon Ric Flair is accused of sexual assault during infamous 2002 flight

Flair later came out to defend himself and deny the claims, but found himself dragged on Twitter again for his association with Trump.

One of the most prevalent stances was the lack of surprise that Flair is aligned with Trump.

"Wait, so Ric Flair – an old Republican with five wives, bankruptcy, sexual misconduct allegations and other legal trouble, and unnatural hair on his resume – is a Trump supporter...and y’all are surprised?" it was asked.

"His entire gimmick the past 30 years has been Trump," it was also said, of the wrestling character Flair adopted that claimed to have been born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

"As if we needed another reason to cancel Ric Flair," read another response. 

Others scoffed that amid his other problems, the 72-year-old who was hospitalized in 2017 after suffering kidney failure was "destroying what little dignity he had left".

But separate parties were glad to learn he was a Trump sympathizer and showed their appreciation in meme form. 

"I see Ric Flair is trending because he's supporting a Trump-backed candidate and the left is losing their sh*t," was one more observation.

"How sad must your life be to get upset that people don't support democrats?

"After this disastrous [Joe Biden] presidency, more people will be against the Democrats, so get used to it."