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17 Sep, 2021 15:05

‘He wanted me to touch it’: Outrage as ‘well-endowed’ WWE icon Ric Flair is accused of sexual assault during infamous 2002 flight

‘He wanted me to touch it’: Outrage as ‘well-endowed’ WWE icon Ric Flair is accused of sexual assault during infamous 2002 flight

A flight attendant has claimed that WWE legend Ric Flair spun his penis at her and asked him to touch it on an infamous trip with an open bar – and a fellow wrestler has been condemned for joking about the incident.

Tommy Dreamer, who was with the WWE at the time of the notorious 'plane ride from hell' in 2002, was seen joking on a TV series about Flair allegedly sexually assaulting a woman during the flight.

Heidi Doyle said that the almost entirely naked Flair had pinned her against a door and made her touch his penis while they were onboard – and Dreamer, now 50, seemed to make light of the allegations.

"Hey, he’s the 'Nature Boy' for a reason – he’s got a hammer on him," explained Dreamer, appearing to claim that Flair was merely being his flamboyant self and seeming to smile after he spoke.

"He could move his hips, twirl it – and so his well-endowed penis spins around like a helicopter.

"Ric Flair’s not going to try to impose by force any sexual stuff onto anybody. He’s just flaunting, styling and profiling, doing the Ric Flair stuff where everybody’s going to laugh about it. But obviously, someone took offence to it."

That view was not entirely well-received. "This is why victims don't come forward," responded one wrestling fan, offering her interpretation of the allegations.

"Ric Flair sexually harasses an innocent woman while she's doing her f*cking job. Tommy Dreamer passes it off as a joke that the victim got offended by. What?"

Others accused Dreamer of being out of touch and said they no longer admired the veteran and Flair.

Doyle said she was unable to "get away" from Flair during the journey as part of the WWE's European tour.

"I was in the galley… Ric Flair was naked in a cape only, and then he decided to come back to the galley to get a coke and then he wouldn’t leave the galley," she alleged.

"He had me up against the back door and I couldn’t move. He was spinning around his penis and he wanted me to touch it. He took my hand and put it on him."

Jim Ross, the WWE's head of talent at the time, told the series that Flair had been given a "pass" over the flight while others were punished.

Scott Hall, who allegedly tried to lick doyle, and Curt Hennig, who scrapped with Brock Lesnar near an emergency door, were both axed by the promotion.

Flair has always denied the allegations and Doyle agreed a settlement with the WWE at the time, which her husband is said to have told her to accept in a bid to avoid the story becoming public.

"If that’s how she felt, maybe she should have not taken a payout and [should have gone] to the fullest extend of the law to then truly put this heinous person in jail," Dreamer send in the episode. "My opinion."

Neither Flair nor the WWE have publicly responded to the claims since the episode aired.

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