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20 Sep, 2021 10:55

‘Stop having sex with the players’: Female American football fan urges ‘young women‘ to resist randy stars after disastrous start

‘Stop having sex with the players’: Female American football fan urges ‘young women‘ to resist randy stars after disastrous start

A fan of a struggling football team in the US has told people that the only way to achieve a return to winning ways is for women in the area to stop having sex with the players.

The floundering Florida State Seminoles have made a disastrous start to the season, slumping to a 0-3 record for the first time since 1976 after losing 35-14 at Wake Forest on Saturday.

Clearly disturbed by the development, a supporter has offered a novel solution to the flops by urging "young women in Tallahassee" to "please stop having sex with the FSU football players."

"When they approach you, act like you don’t know who they are," she added.

"When they tell you they play for FSU, ask them if they play basketball. When they say football, say 'ewww' and walk away. I bet we see a change."

The post naturally received a barrage of replies. And among all the "ouch" GIFs, plenty of people agreed with the idea. "This is how you rebuild a program," remarked one onlooker.

"It worked for fighters back in the day," pointed out another, in a nod to how boxers would often abstain from sexual relations in the build-up to a big fight.

But some pointed out that the strategy could backfire. "When word gets out, few recruits would want to sign with FSU," said a worried party.

Speaking after a dire defeat to Jacksonville State earlier this month, beleaguered coach Mike Norvell acknowledged the predicament his players find themselves in.

"This football team's not going to quit," he was quoted as saying. "We have to build and get better, and we're going to. This will be something we look back to.

"Nobody wants to have the experience, nobody wants to have the feelings, but it's our opportunity to respond to it and it's our opportunity to go get better.

"That's why [after the game] we didn't just sit out there and drag our heads around.

"Was anybody happy? No, they were sick to their freakin' stomach about what happened... but you go back out and you go to work."

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