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3 Sep, 2021 17:24

Ice queen to pop princess? Smouldering Olympic champ Sotnikova plots singing career after talent competition inspires her (VIDEO)

Figure skating siren Adelina Sotnikova has admitted she is eyeing up a new career in crooning after signing a contract with a music label.
Ice queen to pop princess? Smouldering Olympic champ Sotnikova plots singing career after talent competition inspires her (VIDEO)

Home hero Sotnikova was top of the pops when she won gold in Sochi in the ladies' singles tournament in 2014, and her burgeoning pop career could be music to the ears of the adoring fans who have missed seeing her hit the high notes since she retired in March 2020 following a tough time with injuries.

The 25-year-old stunner has now inked a deal with the Be In Music (BIM) label and has told those supporters not to be shocked if she chooses music as her next career step – although she also loves art, studying and fashion.

"I have to try everything in this life," Sotnikova said, the beauty salon owner and sports university student told Tass.

"So if I start to sing, then you will not be surprised. But that does not mean that I will sing and will perform on stage – although, who knows?

"I will develop not only as a coach with my school, but I will also be able to act in films or really sing.

"Maybe I will have numerous projects. All this, together, is aimed at my own development."

Multi-talented enigma Sotnikova performed at the New Wave talent competition in Krasnodar Krai last week, describing the experience as a "dream".

While she was at the 2,800-capacity venue, the guest of the show elaborated on her plans to her Instagram following of almost 80,000.

"There were a lot of questions," she said, acknowledging that many fans had asked whether she planned to sing.

"Let me explain. Not only musicians, but also athletes and actors are subscribed to BIM media.

"This is not a PR agency; this is a label, but it works in several categories... deals with all the activities of artists.

"I haven't started singing yet. I continue to work actively in my main profession – sports. And, of course, we have a lot of new projects ahead. We are starting our journey."

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