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NFL legend Gronkowski watches Logan Paul bash his brothers in boxing ring – then offers to referee Floyd Mayweather fight (VIDEO)

NFL legend Gronkowski watches Logan Paul bash his brothers in boxing ring – then offers to referee Floyd Mayweather fight (VIDEO)
Logan Paul has portrayed himself beating up NFL legend and Tom Brady friend Rob Gronkowski's four brothers in sparring, taking on the Tampa Bay's brethren ahead of a meeting with Floyd Mayweather in the squared circle this summer.

YouTube sensation Paul released footage of the showdown on Thursday, through a video on the platform entitled 'I Boxed Four People at the Same Time', heavily-edited to show the prankster in the best possible light as he takes on all of the musclebound brothers of the four-time Super Bowl winner: Gordie Jr, Dan, Chris and Glenn.

Paul appears to have the better in exchanges and even knocks most of them down, three of the Gronkowski brothers have NFL experience while Gordie Jr. played minor league baseball, and have therefore been dubbed "elite" athletes by some corners.

But while Paul has already been in the ring professionally and training for some time ahead of a meeting with all-time great candidate Mayweather in Miami on June 6, it is believed that the Gronkowskis have never laced up a pair of gloves in their life.

Nevertheless, their most famous sibling can be seen in the YouTube clip congratulating Paul on his performance. 

"I was entertained," Rob admitted. "But I want to give it up to Logan: congratulations and good job.

"You did just win, though. From one champ to another: Congratulations. Just don’t think you’re going to be champ for too long, because one day I’m going to be coming for you."

The former New England Patriots tight end was also in a playful mood on his own Instagram account.

"If Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul need a referee, come check out my resume," taking care to add the hashtag to promote the fight.

Gronkowski's high-profile partner – former cheerleader and current host and model Camille Kostek – was more interested in the second snap from the sweaty session.

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"I’m here for the second slide," wrote the Sports Illustrated cover girl, admiring a photo of Gronkowski with a diminutive, evidently delighted dog.

Ahead of the eight-round exhibition bout, which has bad blood given a scuffle at a promo event last week when Paul's brother, Jake, stole the 44-year-old's cap, Mayweather has received a boost from a fellow pugilistic icon. 

Putting a feud aside that he sparked by previously saying Mayweather couldn't be considered the greatest against the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson and Julio Cesar Chavez due to their 78 and 87-fight winning streaks, Iron Mike insisted: "Listen, Floyd's a better fighter than all of those guys right now" on his Hotboxin' podcast.

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"Floyd right now, even though he's 40-something, he's still better than all the fighters now and he's still fighting a YouTuber. And making more money than the champions are making."

Looking at the wider picture the Brooklynite offered some thoughts on why combat sport athletes so despise the Paul brothers.

"These guys make boxing so awesome. The boxers, the real champions, they don't have that many views. They'll be happy if they have a million views. These guys are 80million views. I was like, 'God damn, man. How do you do that?'," Tyson confessed.

"That's why everybody wants to kill them, because they see this little white guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, getting all the f*cking money, talking all this sh*t.

"Everybody wants to kill them. I get envious when I see these guys, I'm like, 'what the f*ck are they doing?'

"That's why you want to kick his ass because you get envious of them. It's easy to hate these guys."

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