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‘He’s going to be ok’: NBA star Brown hospitalized with face wounds after being ‘attacked to head with bottle outside strip club’

‘He’s going to be ok’: NBA star Brown hospitalized with face wounds after being ‘attacked to head with bottle outside strip club’
The Houston Rockets have issued a relieved statement saying that they expect Sterling Brown to recover from being assaulted over the head with a bottle in a horrifying altercation that allegedly happened outside a strip club.

The incident, which took place in Miami ahead of Brown's team taking on local team the Dolphins, caused injuries to Brown's face. 

Releasing a response to assure concerned fans, the Rockets confirmed that their player "was the victim of an assault".

"He has no prior knowledge of or interaction with the assailants," they continued.

"He suffered facial lacerations but will make a full recovery. Sterling is not playing because of his prior knee injury."

Just before the clash, Brown's coach, Stephen Silas, revealed: “I have spoken to him and he's feeling better. Thankfully, he's going to be OK.”

Further details have emerged since the incident. 

While the location of the attack was not initially made specific, it has now been alleged that it took place outside a nightclub, where Brown was "jumped" and "hit in the head with a bottle", according to The Athletic.

Talk show host Andy Slater has gone further, claiming that the clash occurred at 7am outside a strip club named the 'Booby Trap', alleging that Brown and somebody he was with "refused to give cops their names".

This is not the first time that Brown has been on the receiving end of aggression. 

After he was manhandled and tasered by Milwaukee Police Department officers in 2018, he accused officers of an unlawful, race-based arrest and using excessive force, agreeing a $750,000 payout settlement from the city last year while playing for its Bucks franchise.

The department released a video of body-camera footage of the arrest and apologized to Brown, although the agreement is yet to receive city approval.

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