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13 Apr, 2021 11:17

‘No modeling for a few days’: Football-loving ‘Blonde Bomber’ says huge boxing bruise confused facial recognition software (VIDEO)

‘No modeling for a few days’: Football-loving ‘Blonde Bomber’ says huge boxing bruise confused facial recognition software (VIDEO)

Ebanie Bridges has revealed that the war wounds she endured in her epic scrap with Shannon Courtenay at the weekend have been so bad that facial ID software she uses to log in to her laptop has not been able to recognize her.

As she recuperates from losing the 10-round bout for the vacant WBA women's bantamweight on the cards, the 'Blonde Bomber' said that there would "be no modeling for a few days", adding a pair of laughing and tongue-out smileys as he joked about the glossy photos she usually trades in online.

Bridges was even forced to message a journalist asking if he "had any idea how to get into a laptop" after forgetting her PIN and being unable to use Face ID because of the sheer enormity of her grotesquely swollen right eye.

“What a war – blood, guts and heart," the Australian reflected of her showdown at the Copper Box in London. "Not a pretty face anymore. My eyes are bigger than my boobs.

“I couldn’t see for the last three rounds, but I have no quit in me. Congrats to Shanny.

"It takes two to tango, and I hope we did what I said we would. I showed that pretty girls fight hard too. I hope it was entertaining for everyone."

Bridges received plenty of advice from her hundreds of thousands of admirers across Twitter and Instagram.

"Some Face ID works if you put sun glasses on," cracked one Irishman, who received a laugh and thanks from the fighter.

Others made wider calls for equal gender pay off the back of the battle.

"How about these awesome ladies start getting paid the same as the men for stepping in the ring?" one onlooker began.

"These ladies are smashing it and putting women's boxing on the map and their fights are better then some of the men. The energy you brought to the card was incredible, Ebanie."

"Similar to the football," came one reply. "When the ladies can command similar sponsorship deals and sell out stadiums, then they will be given financial parity.

"Don’t get me wrong, they were outstanding and I wouldn’t like to fight either of them. I’m just playing Devil's Advocate."

Bridges intends to stay in the UK for two weeks following her fight, which could give her a chance to familiarize herself more closely with Leeds – the Premier League team she has professed to support, a year after asking fans to choose a club for her.

Some see her show of support for the Yorkshire club as fickle. "She has nothing in common with my club," said one Whites fan, accusing Bridges of "supporting Leeds for Twitter likes".

"She didn't understand football," replied an apologist for the boxer, looking back on the poll she put together.

"She made a great choice. She follows Leeds now – I respect that. It's good to see the Leeds family giving her support. Respect where respect is due."

Another curiously suggested: "She has only been a football fan for five minutes. She has been a Leeds fan all the time she has been a football fan.

"It is no different to becoming a Leeds fan at five – she just didn't find the sport until she was in her 30s, and the first team she chose to support was Leeds."

Bridges could be spending more time in England after earning a deal from UK-based Matchroom Boxing – or so she would have us believe. 

On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself with the name of the promotions giant splashed across it, and demanded that its head honcho, Eddie Hearn, give her a call, explaining that they "have business to discuss."

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