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6 Apr, 2021 18:34

Ex-UFC star Bonnar rants about ‘sheep’, refers to the suffering of Jesus Christ after being kicked out of gym over mask issue

Ex-UFC star Bonnar rants about ‘sheep’, refers to the suffering of Jesus Christ after being kicked out of gym over mask issue

UFC legend Stephen Bonnar has gone on a rant about 'sheep' after apparently being kicked out of his gym on his birthday for refusing to wear a facemask properly.

The American, who famously lost to Forrest Griffin in The Ultimate Fighter 1 finale in 2005, claims to be well known to those on the premises in the clip uploaded to social media. 

"[I've] been coming to this gym 14 years," he begins in a clip posted on his Instagram account.

"Getting kicked out on my birthday, 'cos one of these sheep were complaining that my mask was dropping," he continues, while showing fitness enthusiasts behind him seemingly minding their own business.

"Well guess what, Sheep?," he says, revealing an inhaler. "I've got a medical exemption. I've got asthma.

"I'm doing you a favor by even playing pretend. Masks don't do anything. Wake up you sheep," he demanded, turning to the crowd.

Calling those present "tattle tales" and "cowards", he then finally makes his exit. 

In a message accompanying the clip, Bonnar appeared to compare his suffering to that of Jesus Christ. 

"Easter is a good reminder how Christ, despite being a cool dude, was pretty maligned," he wrote. 

"When I was 10, I was thrown out of the playhouse at Celebration station for my own bday party for being too tall.

"Here I am 34 years later getting thrown out of the gym for exercising my right to breathe clean air.
That's consistency!"

Attacked for the outburst, Bonnar was asked by one observer: "Seriously, is stupidity a 'medical exemption?'".

"I have asthma and wear a mask eight hours a day, five days a week. I call BS on that excuse," said another.

"The fact he calls them tattle tales means he knows he doing something wrong and is just mad he got caught. It also means he argues like a kindergartner," came one critic of Bonnar's maturity.

"I wish they’d all baaaaa’d at him as he left, just to p*ss him off. Poor baby," mocked someone else.

Various users, while still critical, worried that Bonnar perhaps received "too many blows to the head" during his time in the UFC.

Someone at least fought his corner by questioning how he was meant to work out with a mask on. 

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This is the second time in recent months that Bonnar has been in the headlines for such behavior. 

In January, he told called his fellow citizens "fools" and told them to "wake up" while lamenting the death of free speech, as Parler was removed from the App Store.