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23 Mar, 2021 16:17

Russian MMA champ stabbed to death in restaurant brawl in North Ossetia before brother ‘kills his suspected attacker’

Russian MMA champ stabbed to death in restaurant brawl in North Ossetia before brother ‘kills his suspected attacker’

Russian fighter Alan Khadziev has been stabbed to death in a restaurant brawl in Mozdok, North Ossetia, before the fighter's brother reportedly killed the suspected attacker in response.

The incident took place on Tuesday night in the ‘Vegas’ restaurant where the 31-year-old fighter had gone with his brother.

For as-yet unknown reasons, a verbal altercation between several visitors is said to have escalated into a fight, with Khadziev reportedly attempting to separate the battling sides.

In a tragic twist of events, the fighter received a stab wound to the heart after a man attacked him.

Khadziev was taken to a local hospital where despite doctors’ attempts to save his life he died of his injuries. 

According to unconfirmed reports, after the incident Khadziev’s brother attacked the suspect, who also died of his injuries.

A criminal case has been opened while the local military investigation department is also involved as Khadziev’s brother is reported to be a soldier. 

The head of Mozdok region, Oleg Khabalov, confirmed the athlete’s death via an Instagram post expressing his condolences to Khadziev’s family.

What a great guy he was! Only yesterday I talked to him… how could this happen? My sincere condolences to all his friends and relatives. He could have done many good things in his life!” he wrote.

Khadziev is a two-time world Full Contact Fighting champion, a title which is awarded by the Russia-based International Federation of Full Contact Fighting-MMA (IF FCF-MMA). He has also competed in bare-knuckle bouts. 

The president of the North Ossetia MMA Federation, Ibragim Tibilov, said that Khadziev had traveled to Mozdok for a wedding ceremony.

He came from Moscow to perform a marriage ceremony with his wife. His friends invited him to a restaurant. A brawl occurred there during which Alan, who was trying to keep the fighters apart, was stabbed right in his heart and died.

Khadziev can been seen competing recently in the video below, from around the 21-minute mark.