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18 Feb, 2021 12:59

Diego Maradona’s carer put sleeping pills in his beer so he wouldn’t ‘cause a fuss’, investigation hears

Diego Maradona’s carer put sleeping pills in his beer so he wouldn’t ‘cause a fuss’, investigation hears

Late Argentine football icon Diego Maradona unknowingly consumed sleeping pills, which one of his servants crushed into his beer so he wouldn’t bother them too much, it has been claimed.

Psychologist Griselda Morel, who worked with the footballer’s eight-year-old son and visited his home before and after his brain surgery, claimed that the star was given alcohol early in the morning.

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If he got up at 9am and asked for beer he was given it,” she told prosecutors.

A custodian crushed tablets he was taking and put [them] in his beer so he didn’t cause a fuss.”

Morel’s statement, which was leaked in the Argentine press, also claimed that Maradona was seen speaking on the phone in his room without having a phone in his hand.

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The football legend died on November 25 after suffering a heart attack at his home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, but his death left many questions unanswered.

Maradona’s personal physician, Leopoldo Luque, and two nurses have been under investigation as police look into whether negligence and poor medical treatment helped cause his sudden passing.