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6 Jan, 2021 11:25

‘It happens with men too’: Golf ace Paige Spiranac slams woke warriors over sexism claims after footballer is mocked for moustache

‘It happens with men too’: Golf ace Paige Spiranac slams woke warriors over sexism claims after footballer is mocked for moustache

Golf poster girl Paige Spiranac has decried "double standards" after a female reporter was caught on a microphone criticizing American football ace Trevor Lawrence's moustache, arguing that the response could have been "insane".

Clemson Tigers quarterback Lawrence had to endure an awkward post-game moment when he was asked a question by a female reporter in a press conference, only for the interviewer to leave her microphone on in her private follow-up remark, allowing the prospect and the rest of his audience to hear her remarking on his appearance.

The 21-year-old gingerly grinned before thanking the unwitting reporter, who appeared to have said: "Poor Trevor needs to shave his moustache."

Spiranac, who is frequently bombared with unsolicited appraisals of her own looks, said that Lawrence "handled it really well" and admitted that the incident had put her in mind of the keyboard warriors ready to inflict personal justice on anything they deem offensive.

"It was funny but it made me think, if a male reporter did that to a female, the amount of outrage that would have come out of that would have been insane," Spiranac speculated on her podcast.

"We're always commenting on men always focusing on women's looks. Can you imagine if a guy was like, 'oh, I wish she did something with her hair, something a little different'?

"We would comment on double standards and 'I can't believe they would say that' and 'focus on my achievements instead of my looks.' It happens with men too.

"Do you think we're taking it too seriously when someone just doesn't like the way that we wear our hair or makeup? We always say 'oh, it's sexist' and this or that.

"Maybe it's just a personal dislike of that sort of style and it's not always as deep as we make it out to be. I thought that was really funny. We have to pick our battles and that was not one of them."

Ever the enthusiastic tease, Spiranac launched the year by promising to pose in "my same old low cut tops" while taking shots on her Instagram page, which is followed by almost three million accounts.

The 27-year-old American dismissed one predictable suggestion when she asked fans to share their fantasies for 2021.

"One of the fantasies is that I will start an OnlyFans account," she said, answering one of the many queries she receives about a potential move to the adult subscription site.

"I am sorry, sir, but 2021 is not going to be the year that I get an OnlyFans."

Spiranac added that one of her less salacious dreams involved going to the cinema without wearing a mask.

"I feel like that's what doing something dirty is - just not wearing a mask in a movie theater," she explained.

"How amazing would that be? Just to rip that mask off: no protection in a movie theater."

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