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'If I've gotta die boxing, I'm gonna die a happy man': Roy Jones says he is prepared to lay it all on the line against Mike Tyson

'If I've gotta die boxing, I'm gonna die a happy man': Roy Jones says he is prepared to lay it all on the line against Mike Tyson
Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. says that he is prepared to DIE in the ring should it come to that as he amps up preparations for his exhibition fight with fellow ring icon Mike Tyson next month.

The 51-year-old Jones is ending his two-year exile from boxing to take Tyson, who hasn't competed in a boxing ring in more than 15 years but despite 'Iron' Mike's absence from the sport and his advancing years, Jones admits that he cannot take the challenge of the 54-year-old Tyson lightly.

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Speaking to Joe Rogan on his popular podcast, Jones outlined that Tyson seems to have retained the vicious power which earned him 44 knockout wins throughout his career as a pugilist and says that he will have to be very wary of the threats he will face in the ring against him.

"You get hit by Mike Tyson, anything can happen to you," Jones warned. "Mike Tyson is not just an ordinary puncher.

"I love boxing, so if I've gotta die boxing I'm gonna die a happy man. There's other ways I'd rather go, but if I went that way I'm not mad at that."

Tyson sparked a frenzy in the combat sports world this summer when he posted a series of training clips to Instagram which showed him hitting pads with famed MMA trainer Rafael Cordeiro. Soon, speculation persisted that Tyson was contemplating a return to the sport he once dominated - with names like Evander Holyfield, Shannon Briggs and even Tito Ortiz named as potential opponents.

In the end, the arrow was pointed at Jones - a fighter also considered among the sport's all-time greats, and as explained to Rogan the opportunity to fight Tyson never came about when both were closer to their respective primes.

"I would have fought Mike Tyson,” Jones said. "He was the youngest heavyweight champ of all time. To me, he was one of the most explosive, entertaining guys you’d want to see. Because you never know he’s going to do, and it’s the same reason I’m going in right now.

"Nobody ever saw me going to heavyweight back then. By the time I did [move up to the heavyweight division] he was already on his way out. He had already departed the heavyweight division."

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Jones also stated that he feels some of the rules for the exhibition fight have been tailored to suit Tyson. While Jones lobbied for eight three-minute rounds, Tyson's camp were successful in pitching for eight two-minute rounds - something which Jones says will allow Tyson to be a little more carefree with his expenditure of energy. 

Jones also stated that he has been training hard with sparring partner Chris Eubank Jr. ahead of the November 28 fight.