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20 Sep, 2020 12:19

'Absolutely shocking': Former Man Utd star Evra in hot water after on-air claims about Zaha & ex-boss David Moyes' daughter

'Absolutely shocking': Former Man Utd star Evra in hot water after on-air claims about Zaha & ex-boss David Moyes' daughter

Sky Sports were forced to apologize on Saturday after pundit Patrice Evra suggested Wilfried Zaha’s Manchester United career ended because of unfounded rumors he slept with then-Red Devils manager David Moyes’ daughter Lauren.

Zaha signed for United from Crystal Palace in 2013 but made just four appearances for the club and eventually returned to the Eagles the following year.

Speaking as a pundit ahead of Palace’s 3-1 win over the Red Devils on Saturday, Evra said: “I remember what ruined his career for Manchester United is when he had this true or untrue affair with David Moyes' daughter. 

“Because in the pre-season I remember he was playing every game but when that news came out, [he was] out of the game and he disappeared. He would be a massive trade for United.”

Sky Sports presenter Kelly Cates later issued an apology to the camera regarding the comments:

“We have to clarify a comment made earlier in the program suggesting that there may have been a relationship between Wilfried Zaha and David Moyes' daughter. 

“We understand that Wilfried Zaha has never met David Moyes' daughter and that the claim made by Patrice was false and we apologize for any offense caused.”


Evra’s comments generated plenty of reaction on social media, with fans divided in their response to the Frenchman’s words.

Some were critical of the 39-year-old, with one fan branding his comments as “absolutely shocking,” while another said Evra was a “piece of work” for discussing the rumor.

Others, meanwhile, seemed to find the whole incident a little more light-hearted.

One person who might not take kindly to rumor resurfacing is Zaha himself, who has repeatedly denied even meeting Lauren Moyes and spoken of his frustration at the speculation over his struggles at United.

“There were just a load of rumors that used to just come out somehow and people would believe them,” he said. “It was either I slept with David Moyes' daughter or I have got a bad attitude. Those are the two rumors that stuck with me until I left.”

The winger scored twice against his former club on Saturday to take his tally to three goals in two games this season.

He has played 364 matches in total for the Eagles, providing 60 goals and 70 assists overall.