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14 Sep, 2020 17:20

'I can't go on like this': Conor McGregor admits he is 'crushed' in since-deleted tweets following Corsica arrest

Irish UFC superstar Conor McGregor has hit out at Twitter users for "ridiculing" him online following his arrest on allegations of sexual assault, writing in since-deleted Tweets that he is "crushed" due to the incident.
'I can't go on like this': Conor McGregor admits he is 'crushed' in since-deleted tweets following Corsica arrest

McGregor was heavily critical of one person on the social media network who referenced an erroneous BBC article which referred to the Dubliner as being British, writing that the "UK can have him" following his arrest after he allegedly "exhibited his private parts" to a woman in a bar at the coastal town of Calvi. 

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McGregor had been in the French territory preparing for a charity water-bike race which was being organized by Charlene, the Princess of Monaco. He was forced to withdraw from the event due to being detained by police. 

And, writing in response to the wave of online abuse he has received, the 32-year-old McGregor hit out at the criticism in what he says is a "horrendous time in my life."

He also questioned the judgment of one particular Twitter user whose profile had described them as being involved in suicide prevention groups.

"Suicide intervention yet ridiculing me in this manner online, at this horrendous time in my life. I am trying to stay strong for my kids and the people that rely on me and love me and support me. Thanks for the insults, hypocrite," he wrote. 

"I can't go on like this man. I am crushed here," was the message to another user. 

Both of the tweets have since been deleted. 

McGregor is now understood to be awaiting the results of "key physical tests," with video footage that may have captured the incident also set to be examined.

Depending on the findings of French police, McGregor may be re-arrested after having already been released from custody without charge. 

"Key physical tests were carried out on the suspect, but the results will not be known until after the weekend," a source close to the investigation was quoted by the Daily Mail.

"These tests are of a routine nature following incidents like this, but they take time, to make sure there is no doubt about them.

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"It is also possible that the incident being complained about was filmed. It took place in a very busy place, where fixed cameras are situated everywhere.

"Lots of holidaymakers would also have been filming and taking pictures on their phones, so they also need to be spoken to."

Comments from McGregor's legal representatives as well as his manager, Audie Attar, have both emphasized that the Irishman was involved in no wrongdoing and that he strenuously denies the allegations.