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Conor McGregor 'exhibited his private parts' to woman before Calvi arrest - reports

Conor McGregor 'exhibited his private parts' to woman before Calvi arrest - reports
Former UFC champion Conor McGregor was arrested for "exhibiting his private parts" to a woman as she entered a bar toilet on the port town of Calvi in Corsica, according to reports from French media.

France 3 Corse reported that an associate of the women spoke to the broadcaster following the incident which resulted in McGregor's arrest on Friday. He was released without charge on Saturday.

McGregor is now awaiting results from "key physical tests" and an examination of CCTV footage before learning if he will face further legal issues stemming from the alleged incident.

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The report from France 3 Corse stated: "According to a witness who spoke with the complainant that same evening and whom we were able to question, McGregor, accompanied by his bodyguards, allegedly exhibited his private parts to the young woman without her consent as she made her way into the bar toilets.

The source added that the woman, who was on holiday with her husband, was "deeply shocked" by the alleged encounter.

McGregor faces potential re-arrest if authorities determine that the evidence is sufficient to proceed with charges.

"Key physical tests were carried out on the suspect, but the results will not be known until after the weekend," a source close to the investigation was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

"These tests are of a routine nature following incidents like this, but they take time, to make sure there is no doubt about them.

"It is also possible that the incident being complained about was filmed. It took place in a very busy place, where fixed cameras are situated everywhere."

A formal complaint was received by police on Thursday, with McGregor arrested on his yacht the following day. His detention meant that he was forced to miss a long-distance endurance boating race he had been training for alongside Princess Charlene of Monaco.

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A legal representative for McGregor, Emmanuelle Ramon, stated that his client, "vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

"He has been released before the legal end of police custody and without any judicial review," he added.

On Saturday, McGregor's manager, Audie Attar, said that he was "irate" and that McGregor "is not and will not be a target for those seeking to score a headline or a payday."