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'He left my life in a SHAMBLES': World Cup winner Villa accused of sexual harassment in US

'He left my life in a SHAMBLES': World Cup winner Villa accused of sexual harassment in US
A female former intern at New York City FC has accused Spain legend David Villa of groping her, blaming the Major League Soccer club and striker of making her dream job a nightmare through sustained physical and verbal harassment.

The ex-intern, known as Skyler B, insisted she "truly hated" Villa and called the former Barcelona hotshot "truly the worst" in a series of allegations against the 38-year-old on Twitter.

She said that returning to employment in a professional sports setting seemed "terrifying" because of the alleged harrassment she had endured at the hands of Villa and others at the club, which she claimed had included sexual misconduct, pushing and bullying.

"I thought I was getting the opportunity of a lifetime when I got that internship," she began, heralding a deluge of questions and support on social media.

"What I got was David Villa touching me every f*cking day and my bosses thinking it was great comedic material.

"I still find it hilarious that I was constantly told I had a terrible attitude at that job – like I wasn’t showing up every day knowing I was going to be groped or mocked or two-hand shoved in the back. Of f*cking course I had a bad attitude."

Villa spent four successful years at City towards the end of his celebrated career, scoring 80 goals in all competitions to become the club's all-time leading scorer by a considerable margin.

Responding to recent announcements praising Villa's current involvement in professional football, Skyler asked: "You're all inspired by a man who used his 'greatness' to get away with being a big ol' creep where he worked? Yikes.

"During his years playing and living in New York he was a gigantic creep but we all know that’s no reason to keep him out of positions of power."

Villa, who won Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup with Spain to become a hero in his homeland, is yet to respond to press requests for his comments on the allegations.

"I’m changing my entire career because the sh*t they did to me ruined my dreams," continued Skyler, later announcing that she was about to start a new job following a successful interview.

"I’m nervous but very excited to work in a place where I probably won’t be groped by an internationally famous athlete and have it just be Tuesday.

"Women brave enough to tell their stories this loudly are my heroes."

Skyler drew parallels with the allegations of sexual harassment at NFL club the Washington Redskins, where chief operating officer Mitch Gershman said he did not remember a woman who had spoken out against him.

"I guarantee if someone brought my name up to David Villa, he wouldn’t know who I am," she said.

"He never called me by my name.

"I rarely went a day without him grabbing me or verbally harassing me but he never bothered to learn my name."

She confessed to being "straight-up exhausted" by the unexpected attention her tweets had received and dismissed as laughable the idea of anyone at the club being held responsible for the alleged incidents.

"I didn’t say anything for a long time because I know how much he’s loved and it’s hard to go up against an icon like that. For people who don’t know me and who have loved him, to believe me is really a surreal feeling.

"I know for him I was a convenient target and had zero impact on his life, whereas he left mine in a shambles. And I’m very sure I’m not the only one he’s treated that way, I doubt he would remember the rest, either."

After reading the tweets, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Zach Banner appealed to male employees in the NFL to speak up against "bad men" perpetrating harassment.

"Do these men actually exist?" retorted Skyler.

"Everyone I worked with knew what was going on at NYCFC and made jokes but never once said sh*t on my behalf.

"You good guys need to make better men out of your friends."

When a fan asked the club to speak to witnesses in an attempt to provide "accountability and healing", Skyler replied: "There are definitely witnesses who still work there.

"I don’t know how many will admit to their roles in letting it happen, though. [Villa is] truly the worst person I have ever interacted with."

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