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20 Jul, 2020 15:27

'I wish we had contacted each other more often': Russian figure skating champ Medvedeva shocked by Alexandrovskaya's death

'I wish we had contacted each other more often': Russian figure skating champ Medvedeva shocked by Alexandrovskaya's death

Russian figure skating star Evgenia Medvedeva has said she was horrified by the tragic death of fellow competitor Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, calling on her social media followers to help people suffering from depression.

The two-time world champion revealed she was on good terms with former compatriot Alexandrovskaya, whom she had known since early childhood.

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According to Medvedeva, they were not close friends, but regularly exchanged messages on social media.

"Two days have passed since the death of Katia Alexandrovskaya. We had known each other since we were three, as we started skating at the same age. Recently, we helped our friend to find his lost dog. We were not close friends, but knew each other quite well, messaging from time to time," Medvedeva wrote.

"When I shared the post about my friend's lost dog, Katia was the first to offer help, proving that she was a kind and decent person. I couldn't have suggested she needed help. I wish we had contacted each other more often," she added.

The Olympic silver medalist raised the issue of depressive disorders, saying that people who needed help should have access to professional medical treatment.

"Let's not forget that depression is not just a bad mood, as some people might think. Depression is a serious illness which should be treated in hospital. If you see that your friends or relatives have signs of depression, please do your best to spend time with them. Do find reliable psychologists who can help them, don't try to improve their mood with jokes, it will do no good," the skater added.

Russian-born figure skater Alexandrovskaya, who represented Australia at international level, died in Moscow on Saturday with preliminary investigations treating her death as a suicide after she fell from a sixth-floor window.

The athlete reportedly suffered from psychological problems after being forced to retire due to physical health issues.

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