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16 Jul, 2020 13:13

Rolls-Royces, luxury watches, champagne popping & NAKED models kissing in a tub: Floyd Mayweather reveals plans for Japan (VIDEO)

Rolls-Royces, luxury watches, champagne popping & NAKED models kissing in a tub: Floyd Mayweather reveals plans for Japan (VIDEO)

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has given a glimpse into his "high roller" plans for his next event in Japan, revealing a glossy video featuring women cavorting in a bath, poker games, expensive cars and clips of him fighting.

In a flashy new film brimming with symbols of the wealth and decadent lifestyle he is always at pains to boast about, Mayweather previewed a glamorous party taking place in Japan in 2020.

The event, which could be co-hosted by the RIZIN promoters responsible for Mayweather's fight with kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa at a venue near Tokyo on New Year's Eve 2018, had reportedly been held up by the coronavirus pandemic.

The footage begins with two models sipping champagne in a soapy bath before proceeding to show a train passing through a city, more models carrying fire through packed crowds in a darkened venue and confetti and flares going off as a message declares: "We are not just an entertainment group."

A procession of white Rolls-Royce cars are then seeing driving along roads at night, followed by more models and nightclub-style scenes and the first glimpse of the unbeaten former champion, wearing a grey suit and matching hat.

As neon champagne bottles pop in the venue, former rival Manny Pacquiao, who lost on points when he fought Mayweather for four welterweight titles in 2015, is one of the figures visible.

After a pair of red dice roll and watches are accompanied by shots of luxury handbags, Mayweather can be seen landing a punch on kickboxer Nasukawa during their 138-second fight at the Saitama Super Arena in 2018 that earned the American around $9 million.

Dancers, DJs and rappers also appear, some of whom are dressed in clothing sporting the logo of Mayweather's 'The Money Team' brand.

"We are in high roller business," adds the promo. "We are the number one promoters in Tokyo."

The huge watches in the video, provided by Tokyo and Hong Kong-based Tadashi Fukushima, provided further evidence of Mayweather's love for timepieces.

He once used a $1.4 million watch to brag at rival Conor McGregor during a bitter promotional tour before beating the former UFC champion in a boxing match in 2017.

New venture High Roller Entertainment is linked to the promotion and only follows Mayweather and a Tokyo-based CEO and "watch addict" on Instagram, claiming on its page: "We only promote high roller sh*t."

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Devoting its first six posts to bottles of Dom Perignon champagne being dispensed in nightclubs, the brand continues: "We can make sh*t happen. High-end jewelry and watches, luxury brands, club promotions. All about the luxury lifestyle."

A day earlier, Mayweather told his following of more than 23.6 million: "I will continue to smile through the lows, the lessons, the setbacks and the hate."

He has not contested a professional boxing match since beating McGregor but has hinted that he could come out of retirement or compete in another discipline for the right price.

The 43-year-old intrigued fans last month by taking them on a tour of a gleaming mansion he had built in Las Vegas, showing off a huge wardrobe and rows of cars including Bentleys and Bugattis worth tens of millions of dollars.

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