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29 Jun, 2020 18:52

'Bullsh*t!' Tyson Fury FIRES BACK at loaded gloves accusation and vows to 'put a dent' in Deontay Wilder's boxing career (VIDEO)

'Bullsh*t!' Tyson Fury FIRES BACK at loaded gloves accusation and vows to 'put a dent' in Deontay Wilder's boxing career (VIDEO)

Tyson Fury saw the comments from Deontay Wilder's brother accusing him of wearing blunt objects in his gloves, and has responded, claiming that if there was a conspiracy theory, Wilder's own trainer must be in on it, too.

Wilder's brother, Marsellos, posted a bizarre rant to his sibling on his Instagram page saying that insiders in Wilder's own team, fueled by "hate" and "money" had taken action to "take you down".

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"It was discovered by doctors that my brother has a dent in the side of his head due to a blunt object struck against his head from his last fight," he wrote.

"No glove or fist was able to cause the damage, according to the autopsy. My daddy once told me if you pull a gun out on someone, you better kill them because if you don't, they are going to come back and kill you.

"The king is about to rise again. We coming for blood."

Following the story published on RT Sport earlier on Monday, Fury took to his Instagram to share his direct response to the quotes, and he made clear that he had not cheated, and that a host of individuals, including Nevada State Athletic Commission officials and Wilder's own trainer, Jay Deas.

"This is just a quick video to address all this foul play talk from Deontay Wilder and his team," Fury began.

"I just read an article before saying that I might have had blunt objects in my gloves. Yeah. Two big 19-stone, 275-pound destroyers in each glove. So, yeah, getting punched up the temple may do that to you.

"But, you know, not unless Deontay Wilder's own trainer Jay Deas was in on a conspiracy as well, along with all the Las Vegas state commission guys who never left the room.

"Jay Deas was in the room while I had my hands wrapped – he examined them. He was in there when I had my gloves put on – examined them. And everybody else that was in the room, they don't leave you. We all know that.

"So everybody citing foul play - bullsh*t! And the next time I'll put a dent in his boxing career (and) end it, because it'll be two knockout losses in a row. Bye bye forever!"

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