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10 Jun, 2020 18:04

Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher set for further stem cell surgery aimed at 'regenerating central nervous system' - reports

Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher set for further stem cell surgery aimed at 'regenerating central nervous system' - reports

Little has been made public about the condition of Michael Schumacher following a skiing accident more than six years ago but the seven-time Formula 1 champion is said to be undergoing corrective surgery, per reports from Italy.

The report, which originated in Italian publication Contro Copertina, states that Schumacher, 51, will undergo stem cell surgery aimed a regenerating his central nervous system from renowned surgeon Philippe Menasche.

This follows reports from last September that stated Schumacher was treated in a Paris hospital by the same surgeon, who has been described as a pioneer in that field of medicine. 

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Stem cell treatment involves replacing damaged cells with healthy ones sourced from bone marrow and blood. The treatment comes six-and-a-half years after Schumacher was badly injured in an off-piste skiing accident in the French Alps. 

He suffered a severe brain injury in the crash and was reported to have emerged from a coma six months later.

The report from Contro Copertina also says that Schumacher is suffering from muscle atrophy and osteoporosis due to the effects of being bed-ridden for several years.

There has been significant media scrutiny about Schumacher's health in the years that followed the accident, but his family has so far resisted giving a detailed account of the status of his health.

Felipe Massa, briefly a teammate of Schumacher's at Ferrari, revealed last month that he has visited the German driver and later described his situation as "not easy".

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"I know how he (Schumacher) is, I have information. My relationship with him has always been very close," he said to Fox Brazil. 

"It is less close with his wife Corinna because she did not go to many races. But I think the main thing about all this is that we know that his situation is not easy. He is in a difficult phase but we need to respect him and the family.

“They do not like to divulge any information, so who am I to do that? I dream and pray every day that he gets better and that he can appear at a circuit again, especially now that his son is racing.

“So I pray that it may happen one day.”