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8 Jun, 2020 12:03

'I'm going to milk it... it's easy as f*ck': Ex-racer Renee Gracie gets MASSIVE cash boost after going public over porn switch

'I'm going to milk it... it's easy as f*ck': Ex-racer Renee Gracie gets MASSIVE cash boost after going public over porn switch

Aussie former Supercars driver Renee Gracie has seen a whopping cash boost since going public over her decision to become a private on-request porn star - and says she plans to "milk" the income stream for all its worth.

Gracie, 25, was Australia's first-ever full-time female Supercars driver but turned her back on motorsport after increasingly struggling to make a living. 

Part of her career switch has involved changing gears to sell sex videos and photos on request at adult website OnlyFans.

Going public with the decision in a tell-all interview in Australia last week, the full-figured former track star said the step had been “the best thing I have done in my whole life,” also revealing she had the full support of her family.  

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The subsequent publicity has revved up revenues for the raven-haired ex-racer who has reportedly coined in a whopping AUS$64,750 (US$45,000) extra in just three days since her story was reported.

She's also added over 5,000 new admirers to her OnlyFans account, according to Aussie outlet The Daily Telegraph.

Speaking more about her decision to furnish fans with bare-all content on request, Renee said it was "easy money" and that she planned to cash in for as long as she could.

"It's easy as f*ck. I literally just bend over, take a picture of my bum, upload and people love it," Gracie said. 

She cautioned however that anyone hoping for her to head full-on into the world of adult entertainment would be left disappointed.

"I don't do it because I want to f*ck people and make more money.

"I'm making enough money now doing what I'm doing. I don't need to touch a stranger or do anything like that.

"No amount of money would make me do that personally," she said. 

Gracie added that she wasn't bothered in the slightest by some of the hate directed her way because of her career switch.  

"I'm not here to brag but I've made a small fortune... People think being mean to me is going to upset me or I'm going to care, but it's actually not." 

The tattooed Renee has reportedly already paid off a 30-year home loan thanks to her income from her pace-quickening pictures, and said that the checkered flag was a long way off for her adult modeling career. 

"I have money in my bank now telling me that selling photos of my t*ts and a** is a good thing.

"I'm going to keep doing it as long as I can, milk it as long as I can," she added. 

"I wasn't good at racing, I stopped racing, it's finished, it's done... it's crazy that people think I can't do what I do now because of what I did before. 

"I'm not this horny thing, I'm not a f*cking prostitute, I'm not an escort, I'm here to make money..."

"I'm still Renee, I still have a life, I still have another business, I still have a job, I just do Only Fans on the side.

"For me as a person, nothing's changed, I just show a little bit more of me."