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2 Jun, 2020 13:48

'I'm ready to meet them': US-based Russian figure skater says he'll use BASEBALL BAT to defend home from looters

'I'm ready to meet them': US-based Russian figure skater says he'll use BASEBALL BAT to defend home from looters

Russian figure skater Alexei Krasnozhon, who competes for the US, has spoken out against the violence happening during the ongoing protests in the country, saying he is ready to protect his home from looters with a "baseball bat."

The skater, who moved to Dallas in 2014, while originally supporting the protest over the “terrible tragedy” said he is alarmed by the violence and aggression being displayed by those protesting over the killing of unarmed black civilian George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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I heard about the killing of George Floyd. This is a terrible tragedy. Now protests are taking place just five kilometers away from my home. It’s not frightening, but I’m concerned over the protests. I have never seen such violence here,” Krasnozhon said.

The skater also condemned the actions of the police in the death of Floyd, but stressed that violence is no way to battle injustice and brutality.

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Of course, a police officer flagrantly abused his authority and should be punished. But I wouldn’t join the protests. It’s not right to resort to violence when protesting against violence.

"There was a man here in Dallas who tried to save his business from looters. He was beaten up by dozens of protesters. They are destroying the lives of innocent people, and that’s not right. I don’t have my own business, but I have a baseball bat. If protesters enter my home, I’m ready to meet them,” he said.

Krasnozhon was widely regarded as one of the most talented junior skaters in Russia. He was coached by famed specialist Alexei Mishin in St. Petersburg.

Six years ago he moved to the US, where he now resides and trains. In 2015 the Russian Figure Skating Federation formally released Krasnozhon, allowing him to compete internationally for the US team.

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