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'I’m not listening to any coaches right now': UFC star Mike Perry wants GIRLFRIEND to corner him in future fights

'I’m not listening to any coaches right now': UFC star Mike Perry wants GIRLFRIEND to corner him in future fights
In the midst of the worst run of his career to date, UFC welterweight Mike Perry says that he no longer requires input from his coaching team during his fights - and instead plans on relying on his girlfriend for advice.

Perry has lost three of his last four fights inside the octagon, with a sole victory against Alex Oliveira the only bright spark during that run.

But it seems that the skid has led the 13-6 fighter to question exactly what he requires from his cornermen in between rounds - and he says that all he needs is someone to hand him a bottle of water.

The 28-year-old fighter is now without a coaching team having previously trained at the Fusion XL Academy in Florida, but Perry now seems to be happy in his role as an MMA ronin having previously outlined his frustration at what he sees as impractical corner instructions.

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And for his next fight, he wants only his new girlfriend Latory Gonzalez as his support.

"My girlfriend, just her," Perry told MMA Junkie of his future corner plans. "If not, her and her friend."

"I’m not listening to any coaches right now. Coaches who are saying things that they ain’t gonna go in there and do. They want it to be this way or this way, and like it’s a totally different way.

"I need a guy like me to hold mitts; I want to hold mitts for myself to be honest with you.

"I can show people a couple of techniques or whatever, and I’m just ready to fight for my life… Ain’t nobody gonna take this from me."

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Perry has long cut a persona as one of the UFC's more unusual characters. He had previously used the services of his ex-wife Danielle Nickerson in his corner but after his recent run of less-than-stellar performances he says he is ready for a change.

"All I need the corner for is to pass me the bottle of water,” Perry explained. "Wipe my head off or put the ice on my neck when I get hot coming in between the rounds.

"It’s probably not gonna go more than five minutes, and if it does, all I need is a bottle of water. I need to sip a drink, put some ice on my neck, and I don’t need no advice.

"I feel like I never really gotten advice. I feel like people just sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher in the corner… They don’t even know what the f*ck to say because they wouldn’t go in there and do what the f*ck they’re talking about. I don’t really know how the coaching f*cking works. It doesn’t really matter."

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Perry last competed in a losing effort to Geoff Neal in December but says that he is more than ready to return to the cage - and hopes to do so sooner rather than later.

"June, July – I’m ready," Perry explained. "Tomorrow, tonight, yesterday, the next day. It don’t matter, bro. Any one of these mother*ckers can get it at any time. Let’s go."