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22 May, 2020 11:42

John Cena forced ex-wife Nikki Bella to remove wild SEX STORIES from her new book

John Cena forced ex-wife Nikki Bella to remove wild SEX STORIES from her new book

WWE star John Cena forced his ex-girlfriend Nikki Bella to remove parts about explosive romps between the sheets in her new memoir ‘Incomparable’, ordering her to take out the offending passages.

Wrestling champ turned-movie star John Cena doesn’t come across as particularly shy and retiring, but it seems there are some things he’d rather keep behind closed doors. 

Forty-three-year-old Cena holds editing rights over his former fiancee Nikki Bella’s new tell-all memoir ‘Incomparable’ and has used them to make sure none of the tales of their crazy bedroom antics while they were together made it into print.


Bella, 36, is now pregnant by her current fiance, Dancing with the Stars’ Artem Chigvinstev and appeared on Maria Menounos' podcast ‘Better Together’ to promote the book and speak about how, even though she herself didn’t mind talking candidly about her personal life, Cena forbade her from talking about the sexploits.

"I understood. It was great for him!” she said. "I was kinda like, don't you want high fives on that!?...We were wild, and he was strong...so it was a great story.

"With John though, there wasn't even anything bad written...It was more beautiful things that were taken out."

Later in the chat, Bella also spoke about her sadness over the recent death of fellow WWE star Shad Gaspard who was found dead earlier this week aged just 39, saying: "You never saw him not smile. You never saw him angry. He literally always lit up the room."