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30 Apr, 2020 12:23

'Send her back to Russia!': Japanese fans want skate star Medvedeva KICKED OUT of country after accusing her of flouting lockdown

'Send her back to Russia!': Japanese fans want skate star Medvedeva KICKED OUT of country after accusing her of flouting lockdown

Russian figure-skating ace Evgenia Medvedeva has inadvertently triggered an avalanche of criticism after performing a famous routine of hers in a Japanese park, which many considered as a violation of quarantine rules.

The 20-year-old, who is currently staying in Japan, shared a video of her dancing in a park in front of sakura trees, causing outrage among some Japanese followers, who then sent messages to the Russian embassy asking officials to bring the skating champion out of their country.

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A representative of your country Evgenia Medvedeva entered Japan before the lockdown. She came to participate in Prism on Ice (Sailor Moon), though she might have guessed that it would be cancelled,” one person wrote, tagging the Russian Embassy in Japan.

Except for her fans who support her reckless behaviour, almost all other Japanese people are angry about her selfish actions. Bring her back to Russia!” one more message says.

While I’m still enduring the quarantine in my country, Medvedeva was seen shopping at supermarkets. It is said she will be training at the skating rink in Hacinhohe which has been closed,” another person added.

This is not the first time the Olympic medalist has been bombarded by critics. Several weeks earlier she was lambasted for constant traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic which has devastated global sport and caused the cancellation or postponement of some of its biggest events, including the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Some of Medvedeva’s fans defended their idol, insisting that the skater observes all necessary safety measures to avoid contracting the virus or spreading it.

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Many internet users praised the athlete for her “Memoirs of a geisha” performance in the park, saying that she is an embodiment of grace and beauty.

This is so beautiful and especially beautiful under sakura trees in Japan,” one comment suggests.

Amazing video, we all miss you so much,” another person said.

At the beginning of April Japan declared a nationwide state of emergency due to the novel virus outbreak and plans to extend its strict lockdown for at least a month.