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20 Apr, 2020 15:35

'This is how the virus spreads!' Figure skating star Medvedeva responds after being slammed for globetrotting during pandemic

'This is how the virus spreads!' Figure skating star Medvedeva responds after being slammed for globetrotting during pandemic

Two-time world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva has been lambasted by fans for her international flights during the coronavirus pandemic, which has paralyzed the entire world.

Instead of restricting her travels and maintaining self-isolation, Medvedeva has been to three countries in just several weeks, causing outrage from some fans who condemned her for what they deemed reckless behavior.

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After returning from the US and sitting out a two-week quarantine, the two-time Olympic silver medalist moved to Japan, where she had planned to take part in the ‘Prism on Ice’ show.

I ended quarantine after returning from the US to Canada,” Medvedeva wrote on Instagram while also posting a picture from an airport.

The ice rinks and gyms are closed in Canada, nothing works. As you know, we will have ‘Prism on ice’ [Sailor Moon show] this June in Japan. In accordance with border closures between Canada and Japan for an indefinite period, my team and I decided to leave Canada and fly to Japan in advance,” she added.

Medvedeva’s decision to break self-isolation during the global pandemic was met with mixed reactions on social media, with many users finding her trip dangerous for other people.

The problem is that despite your previous self-quarantine, the international travel you’re undertaking on the way to Japan now puts you at risk once more of contracting the virus,” one person wrote.

I’m happy that you are going to prepare for the ice show, but it is very dangerous to come to Japan now,” another user added.

You are mad, Mr. corona is knocking on the door and you are touring the world,” one more comment reads.

This is how the virus spreads all over the world!” one person added.

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Medvedeva’s Japanese followers, who are usually happy to see their figure skating idol in the ‘land of the rising sun’, were also not terribly pleased by her arrival.

I am Japanese and I have to say that she may not be welcomed in Japan at this moment. It’s not [a] matter if she is famous or not. Just at this moment, we are not happy with foreigners coming to Japan for… their own safety. She should’ve stayed in Canada or her own country,” one follower commented.

Are you kidding? all ice shows in Japan will be canceled, why don’t you return to Russia instead!” another fan wrote.

People are staying at home to protect others. Why does she risk Japanese people’s health? I can’t believe she has this much stupidity,” a comment read.

Please don’t travel overseas at this kind of time... you might have the virus with no symptoms and spread it to others without yourself realising. A lot of covid19 cases in japan are brought from people who returned from overseas travel,” one more person added.

The 20-year-old skater, who failed to qualify for the Russian national team this season, was set to take part in Japan’s ice show in the summer, where she was expected to take on the role of well-known anime character Sailor Moon.

Last week, Japanese officials rescheduled the show for 2021 due to coronavirus fears, leaving Medvedeva locked down in the country for an unknown period of time.

But the skater has assured her fans that she is safe and did everything possible to protect her nearest and dearest from contracting the virus.

Dear friends, I know you’re worrying, but please read this.1. I have done my quarantine in Toronto. 2. I’m on my first week of quarantine of my quarantine here in Japan. 3. I made my best decision in this situation to keep my mother, You and people around safe,” Medvedeva wrote.