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24 Apr, 2020 10:50

Special delivery: Mourinho volunteers as food delivery driver during Covid-19 crisis (VIDEO)

Special delivery: Mourinho volunteers as food delivery driver during Covid-19 crisis (VIDEO)

Jose Mourinho has delivered success for the world's best clubs and now it looks like he'll keep delivering during the covid-19 crisis. Tottenham Hotspur confirmed that their head coach will moonlight as a grocery delivery driver.

Days after the Portuguese manager was forced to apologize after being pictured engaging in an impromptu training session with several Spurs players in a London public park, 'The Special One' has found a more productive way to bypass the UK's coronavirus restrictions.

It has been announced that he 57-year-old will now make food deliveries from the club's training ground to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which has been acting as a food transportation hub during the pandemic.

Mourinho revealed his side gig in a video posted to Spurs' social media channels, saying: "This is a garden at our training centre that grows fresh fruit and vegetables here for the first-team restaurant.

"Now this food is being taken to our food distribution hub at the [Tottenham Hotspur] stadium so it can be given to those most in need in the community.

"From next week I will be volunteering my time to help out in the garden and take this food to the stadium."

Not to be outdone, another former Manchester United manager has also got into the delivery business during the lockdown. David Moyes, the Scottish boss who was handed the unenviable task of succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson in the Old Trafford hot seat, has also been ferrying supplies around his local village after answering a wanted ad posted in a local fruit vendor's window.

"When the coronavirus first hit here, I was in a fruit-and-veg shop in the village," Moyes said.

"There was a thing up in the window that drivers were needed. So I volunteered, as my wife was away at the time and I was on my own.

"All I was doing was ­dropping it at the door, knocking and then going away. It was beautiful big boxes of fruit and veg. I thought, 'This is great!' I was really enjoying it. Going back to the shop to get another lot and then filling the car up.

"The boss said, 'Would you mind asking for money?' The bill was about £16.80 for the box of fruit and veg. An older lady gave me a £20 note. She said, 'Here son just keep the change.'

"Another time a similar older lady's bill was £17.60 or so. She gave me £15 and was starting to go into her purse. I said, 'That will do, that is enough.' I got a bit back on the tip on the other one.'"