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9 Apr, 2020 16:25

DON'T try this at home! Man SMASHES HIS OWN FACE after attempt to shoot home workout video goes badly wrong (VIDEO)

DON'T try this at home! Man SMASHES HIS OWN FACE after attempt to shoot home workout video goes badly wrong (VIDEO)

One trend we've seen during the continued coronavirus lockdown is the huge amount of home workout videos being posted to social media. While many are instructive and inspiring, the one we're featuring here certainly isn't.

This particular gentleman isn't a celebrity. Nor is he a famous sports star. He's not even an Instagram "influencer" or "lifestyle coach".

Nope, this is just a guy. In fact, he's not just a guy. He's a guy who doesn't pay enough attention when setting up his weights before a workout.

You see, this particular guy decided to record himself pumping iron for yet another home workout post on social media, but made a host of crucial errors that led to his humiliation.

Firstly, there's the issue of his sweat pants. He's wearing a set of sweat pants that probably should have been consigned to the trash many moons ago. You don't need laser-sharp eyesight to spot the gaping hole in the crotch, and nobody wants to see what's in there.

Then, he's decided to overload his dumbells. In the video, we can clearly see that he's seriously struggling to do even one rep. Losing some of the weight might not have been a bad idea.

However, a longer watch of the clip reveals that he actually did lose some of the weight, but not in the way we – or he – would have expected.

As he grunted, groaned and desperately tried to extend his arms for a full rep with the two overloaded dumbells, the holding clips on both ends of one of the dumbells fell out and the weights fell, HARD, into the man's face.

Cue more groans, this time of a different variety as he attempted to shake off the clear pain of some not-insignificant weight falling straight into his face.

The only upside to the whole episode is the fact that the clip of his epic fail is now doing infinitely more views than he would ever have managed had he successfully completed his workout.

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