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8 Apr, 2020 17:43

Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz SLAMS 'jealous prostitute' Conor McGregor: 'He knows his time is done' (VIDEO)

The war of words between Conor McGregor and UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov's team rumbles on, with Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz firing the latest verbal salvo between the warring factions.

Speaking to TMZ, Abdelaziz said that critics of Nurmagomedov are misguided, and said that the Russian superstar will be ready to return and face the winner of the new UFC 249 main event between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje in August.

"All these people, they don't matter," he said.

"What matters is the people who are involved – his coaches, his training partners, his family, the UFC. That's what matters. These trolls, they don't really matter.

"Even Tony, to be honest with you, at the moment, he doesn't matter also. He's not the champion, he doesn't get to call the shots. Khabib, he's not afraid of nobody. Khabib for sure will have to fight the winner. By the beginning of August, he's ready. He's ready to fight."

The loudest voice among those criticizing Khabib for ending up stuck at home in Dagestan is former opponent and longtime rival Conor McGregor, who accused the UFC lightweight champion of being a chicken. Abdelaziz said McGregor's words rang hollow, and highlighted his own desperation given his current status in the UFC lightweight division.

"It's crazy, because this guy's been telling people to stay home, don't go outside, he's donating, spending millions of dollars," he said.

"But now we know this sh*t is all fake. Now this sh*t is real because you're telling everybody to stay home now (but) Khabib, the government of Russia says he can't travel (and) you call him a chicken.

"It doesn't matter. He's not number 1, he's not number 2, he's not number 3. It's Khabib, Justin, Tony. He's number 4. He's not even in the conversation right now."

Abdelaziz doubled down on that assertion and said that McGregor's actions were as a result of feeling out of the title picture, with Abdelaziz saying that both Ferguson and Gaethje ranked ahead of the Irishman at 155 pounds.

"He's just like a jealous prostitute, she's got too old for her to make money. It's like Khabib said, he's a prostitute. He knows his time is done.

"People like watching his antics, but as a fighter, his time is done. He's not even the Top 3. Why is he even talking. Or why didn't he get on a plane and come and fight Tony Ferguson? But he understands Tony Ferguson will beat his ass, too.

"All the three guys will beat his ass – Justin, Tony and Khabib."

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