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4 Apr, 2020 11:20

Making the breast of quarantine: Ex-pro golfer Paige Spiranac entertains fans with 'cleavage' trick shot (VIDEO)

Making the breast of quarantine: Ex-pro golfer Paige Spiranac entertains fans with 'cleavage' trick shot (VIDEO)

Former pro golfer Paige Spiranac has been getting creative with her putting technique while in Covid-19 lockdown, delighting fans with a particular trick shot with a club wedged in her cleavage.

Like millions around the world, US golfer-turned-Instagram star Spiranac is currently holed up in self-isolation as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

But declining the chance to hit the fairways or even the driving range, Spiranac has nonetheless been honing her skills for the greens - and in novel style.

The 27-year-old blonde shared a video with her 2.3 million Instagram followers of herself at home demonstrating a range of putting techniques. 

That including conventional styles such as the 'right- and left-hand low' to the somewhat more unusual as Spiranac wedged the putter between her breasts and swung for the hole.

She also enlisted the help of her dog for a paw-assisted putt.

"I love putting because it’s all about feel and confidence. There’s no right or wrong way to grip the putter. Here are some of my favorites! Let me know if I missed any," Spiranac wrote.

"This is the content we all need in these trying times," read one particularly popular reply.

Despite being confined to home, Spiranac has also been practicing some longer-range swings.

A golf debate has raged in the US as some areas have agreed to keep courses open despite the Covid-19 crisis causing lockdown across the country. 

New York in particular has come in for criticism for "sending a mixed message" as some golfing venues have remained available for use. 

Arizona resident Spiranac touched on the topic in a recent post of her own, writing: "How are you feeling about golf courses still being open?... I can’t believe I even have to say this but I’m not condoning going out and infecting other people.

"I’m taking this very seriously and so should you. Be safe, wash your hands, and self quarantine."

Spiranac emerged as a college golf star while at university in Arizona and San Diego, before briefly playing professionally on the women’s Cactus Tour in 2015-16.

While using her ample cleavage for her latest putting display, Spiranac recently spoke about how it had actually led to her being shunned by some in the "stuffy" world of golfing.  

Also on rt.com 'I was shunned by stuffy golfing world because of my cleavage,' says social media favorite Paige Spiranac

“They call it a gentleman’s game but those guys definitely don’t act like gentlemen a lot of the time," she scorned in her podcast, Playing-a-Round. 

“There’s just so much hypocrisy in golf and it’s so frustrating for me.

“It’s this big boys club where if someone does something they’ll cover that up … but I wear a tank top and I’m the sl*t and I’m the wh*re and I’m the one that’s ruining the game.

Spiranac's legion of online fans would certainly think differently, as her latest video helps quarantine-confined golfers the world over continue to practice their strokes.