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7 Feb, 2020 16:51

‘I tuned in to watch football, not porn’: Christian activist wants to sue ‘for $867 trillion’ over J. Lo & Shakira Super Bowl show

‘I tuned in to watch football, not porn’: Christian activist wants to sue ‘for $867 trillion’ over J. Lo & Shakira Super Bowl show

Christian minister Dave Daubenmire has vowed to sue the NFL and broadcasters over the “pornographic” Super Bowl halftime show performed by Latina pop divas Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

The performance at last Sunday's Super Bowl LIV in Miami featured veteran popstress Lopez, 50, pole-dancing and knee-sliding toward the camera with her crotch.

Colombian diva Shakira, 43, belly-danced and also performed while bound with ropes.



Daubenmire, a local minister in Ohio and former football coach, is enraged that Super Bowl organizers and sponsors put on the show without prior warning of its “explicit content.”

"I think we ought to sue,” Daubenmire ranted this week on his ‘Pass the Salt’ podcast.

"Would that halftime show, would that have been rated PG? Were there any warnings that your 12-year-old son, whose hormones are just starting to operate, was there any warning that what he was going to see might cause him to get sexually excited?


"Could I go into a courtroom and say, 'Viewing what you put on that screen put me in danger of hellfire'?

"Could the court say, 'That doesn't apply here because the right to [show] porn overrides your right [not] to watch it'?

"Yeah, well, you didn't tell me I was going to watch it! You just brought it into my living room. You didn't tell me there were going to be crotch shots!

“That's discriminatory against the value I have in my house. You can't just do that.

"I want to sue them for about $867 trillion."

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Daubenmire said he hadn’t watched the performance, but nonetheless doubled-down on his legal pledge in a follow-up video on Facebook.

“I’m looking for a lawyer out there or someone who will join me in a class action lawsuit against Pepsi, the NFL, my local cable company,” he fumed.

“I don’t know who all we would sue, but sue as many people as we want to for pandering pornography.

“What we saw was a strip club performance. You could say, ‘well, you don’t have to watch it’ – and that’s true. But unfortunately that was streaming into the homes of people before they had any idea. There was no warning.


“People tune in to watch a football game and the next thing you know, you’ve got debauchery. Are we going to protect our children or not?    

“I tuned in to watch a football game. I didn’t tune in to watch a porn show.”

Lopez herself said the show was part of an "empowering message" for women and young girls, while Daubenmire’s compensation campaign for potentially being consigned to eternal damnation over the performance has been met with ridicule by some online.

However, the peeved preacher is far from alone in condemning the halftime antics of J.Lo and pop partner Shakira.

UK media protagonist Piers Morgan criticized the performance as unsuitable for a family event, opining that "the Super Bowl is something that’s supposed to be for people of all ages."

In his Daily Mail column, Morgan also quoted prominent evangelist Franklin Graham as saying: “I don’t expect the world to act like a church, but our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime-time television in order to protect our children…

“The exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. With the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide, instead of lowering the standard, we as a society should be raising it.”


Whether that all adds up to the $867 trillion that Daubenmire is demanding is another matter, however.