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4 Apr, 2020 12:54

Conor McGregor attacks 'barbaric' Chinese government over coronavirus aid to Ireland

Conor McGregor attacks 'barbaric' Chinese government over coronavirus aid to Ireland

He may be an MMA fighter but Conor McGregor has been a vocal presence throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and is now demanding that Irish leaders "take back" their gratitude to China for sending medical supplies.

McGregor has been outspoken with his views on how the Covid-19 outbreak should be tackled in his homeland, including urging the Irish government to utilize the nation's military forces to ensure the population observes lockdown laws.

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On Friday, the Irish former double UFC champion shared a report from local outlet RTE which stated that some of the equipment sent from China to help amid the crisis did not meet the necessary safety specifications.

"Truly horrendous," McGregor fumed in a tweet to his 8 million followers on the platform.  

"Not only are the prices being raised by these people on all our items. Masks, visors, gloves, ventilators, respirators, oxygen containers, screen monitors, you name it. All jacked in price. The batches coming in are now of no use! Ludicrously inhumane behavior." 

The 31-year-old stepped up those attacks when he learned that Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar had called Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang to thank him for the assistance.

"Take back this thank you and offer of assistance, this instant! It is barbaric what has been done here. All the way throughout this pandemic. Barbaric!," McGregor raged, adding a #FlattenTheirNose hashtag to hammer home his disgust. 

McGregor then followed that up with a call for "Irish-made" equipment to combat the Covid-19 crisis. 

McGregor earned praise among his fanbase - not least from those citing the line US President Donald Trump took in labelling Covid-19 "the Wuhan Virus" in reference to the Chinese city where it initially broke out.

But others accused McGregor of "subtle racism" over his comments suggesting that China's actions have been "barbaric." 

As one of his country's most prominent sports personalities, McGregor seems intent on making his views heard during the coronavirus crisis, which has so far seen upwards of 4,250 cases in Ireland and 120 deaths.

But 'The Notorious' did briefly break off from his coronavirus proclamations this week to goad Russian former foe Khabib Nurmagomedov, who saw his long-awaited April 18 bout against Tony Ferguson fall through due to the pandemic.

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Khabib is currently in lockdown in his Russian homeland, although McGregor accused him of "chickening out" of the bout, even suggesting he himself was in fighting shape to step in.

That came despite McGregor's edicts that people should stay home and observe quarantine rules as the world rides out the Covid-19 crisis.       

Khabib responded by calling McGregor "an old prostitute who needs attention."