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Talking sh*t: Super Bowl-winning coach labels $100mn NFL star Amari Cooper 'a TURD'

Talking sh*t: Super Bowl-winning coach labels $100mn NFL star Amari Cooper 'a TURD'
Amari Cooper, who has just signed a $100 million contract extension with Dallas Cowboys, has been mercilessly slammed by Rex Ryan during a scathing attack in which the former Super Bowl winner called the wide receiver a “turd."

Cooper’s status as arguably the best receiver in the NFL was rewarded with a huge extension that made the 25-year-old one of the highest paid athletes in the world last month.

Former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has voiced his disgust at the deal, accusing the star of going missing in games as part of a verbal assault that ended in astonishing fashion with an excrement-related insult.

“I wouldn’t have paid this guy,” Ryan thundered on ESPN, eviscerating the player whose guaranteed income puts him fourth behind rival stars Michael Thomas, Julio Jones and top earner Odell Beckham Jr, who earns a minimum of $65 million a season.

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“To me, this is the biggest disappearing act in the National Football League. He doesn’t show up on the road. When the competition’s good, when he’s up against the best quarters, he disappears.

“I wouldn’t have paid this turd – no way in hell would I have paid this guy. They’ve made a huge mistake right here.”

Ryan, who won the most prestigious prize in American football when he helped Baltimore Ravens to Super Bowl XXXV glory as defensive coach in 2001, joked that there was only one elite player he could remember who was as anonymous in games as Cooper. That player, he said, was Cooper himself during his time at Oakland Raiders between 2015 and 2018.

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