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19 Mar, 2020 12:05

‘Infinitely frightening’: Juventus ace Rugani's girlfriend reveals pregnancy after couple infected with coronavirus

‘Infinitely frightening’: Juventus ace Rugani's girlfriend reveals pregnancy after couple infected with coronavirus

Juventus defender Daniele Rugani’s girlfriend Michela Persico has revealed fears over her pregnancy after the couple were both infected with Covid-19.

Persico announced she is four months pregnant and expressed hope that the dangerous infection wouldn’t affect their unborn baby.

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Italy international Rugani was the first Serie A player to test positive for the coronavirus, placing the entire squad into quarantine.

His partner Persico was also later confirmed to have the illness.

I am four months pregnant, so what happens now?” Persico said.

“I can’t even talk about it, but we can only wait and see. I hope the virus won’t affect the baby. The doctors assured me there shouldn’t be a problem, but put yourself in my shoes: it’s infinitely frightening,” she added.

Both Rugani and Persico are now in self-isolation as the deadly virus continue to sweep the world.

Daniele and I were preparing the right moment to announce my pregnancy when he tested positive. It was meant to be a moment of joy. I am sure we’ll get back on our feet,” Persico added.

Italy has been severely hit by the deadly virus, with over 36,000 people infected and fast-approaching 3,000 deaths.

The country plans to extend a nationwide lockdown to battle the spread of the infection.